Image Description - Prison Needle Exchange Program (PNEP) Timeline

Prison Needle Exchange Program (PNEP) Timeline.


  • Switzerland becomes the first country to introduce a Prison Needle Exchange Program (PNEP)1994


  • Correctional Service of Canada, HIV/AIDS in Prisons: Final Report of CSC's Expert Committee on AIDS and Prisons


  • Correctional Service of Canada (Study Group on Needle Exchange Programs), Final Report of the Study Group on Needle Exchange Programs


  • January - Canadian Human Rights Commission recommends that CSC implement a pilot needle exchange program in three or more correctional facilities, at least one of which should be a women’s facility
  • October - Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network calls upon provincial, territorial and federal governments to set up pilot prison needle exchange programs
  • FY 2003-2004 Annual Report of the Office of the Correctional Investigator first recommends a PNEP for federal corrections


  • August– CSC implements its Safer Tattooing Practices Pilot at six federal prisons.


  • April - Public Health Agency of Canada concludes its study of the potential risks and benefits of PNEP
  • May - Out of Shadows at Last: Transforming Mental Health, Mental Illness and Addictions Services in Canada (Chaired by Senator Kirby) recommends that CSC immediately expand harm reduction measures in all federal institutions.
  • December - Government of Canada cancels safer tattooing pilot.


  • Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network again calls for the implementation of PNEPs in federal institutions


  • Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network publishes a series of papers, including "On Point: Recommendations for Prison-Based Needle and Syringe Programs in Canada."

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