Travel and Hospitality Expense Reports

Sapers, Howard, Correctional Investigator

Travel Expenses - September 2, 2014 - December 1, 2014
Date(s) Purpose Total Cost
09-23 to 09-25 Course Osgoode/FCO Certificate "Essentials for Ombuds". $1,310.34
10-06 to 10-07 Classroom Event at the University of Regina Meeting with Collaborate Centre for Justice and Safety. $1,014.16
10-14 to 10-18 Presenting at the United States Ombudsman Association Conference Presenting at the Democracy Probe International Colloquium Series. $923.85
10-25 to 10-31 Attend the International Ombudsman Institute Board of Directors Meeting. $3,127.26
11-12 Attend the Forum of Canadian Ombudsman Board Meeting. $189.92
11-13 to 11-15 Presenting at Simon Fraser University Meeting the Regional Deputy Commissioner, Prairie Region Presenting the Ed McIsaac Award. $1,476.25
11-30 to 12-03 Presenting at a Public Forum, University of Saskatchewan and Meeting with Law Faculty Meeting with Regional Deputy Commissioner, Prairie Region and Meeting with the Regional Management Committee. $1,428.17
*Total: $9,469.95

*Total includes all applicable taxes

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