Travel and Hospitality Expense Reports

Sapers, Howard, Correctional Investigator

Travel Expenses - December 2, 2013 - March 1, 2014
Date(s) Purpose Total Cost
12-02 to 12-07 Attending an Expert Working Group at the University of Fraser Valley. Give Presentation at the Simon Fraser University. Meeting with Aboriginal Stakeholders and Meeting with British Columbia Provincial Stakeholders. $2,730.48
12-10 to 12-12 Give Keynote Address at the Gall Conference 2013. Meeting with Other Stakeholders. $1,855.18
02-02 to 02-05 Presenting at the American Correctional Association 2014 Winter Conference. $1,855.27
02-19 to 02-28 Keynote Speaker at the Collaborating Centre for Prison Health and Education Give Lecture and Simon Fraser University Ting and Public Forums Presenting at the National Joint Committee Police, Parole, Crown Workshop Attend Writing and Editing Workshop. $3,065.70
*Total: $9,506.63

*Total includes all applicable taxes

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