Travel and Hospitality Expenses - Detailed Report

Travel Expense
For: Sapers, Howard, Correctional Investigator
Purpose: Attending Western Society of Criminology Conference. Tour Complex Needs Unit Pacific Region. Meeting with Professor David MacAlister, School of Criminology, Simon Fraser University. Meeting with John Winterdyk, Director, Centre for Criminology, Mount Royal University. Meeting with Rob Gordon, Simon Fraser University and BC Corrections, Carmen Green and Carri McCully.
Date(s): February 3-6, 2011
Destination(s): Vancouver, B.C.
*Air Fare: $974.56
Other Transportation: $83.31
Accommodation: $746.47
Meals and incidentals: $258.10
Other: $41.00
TOTAL: $2,103.44

* Charges for travel on aircraft owned and operated by the Government of Canada are indicated when levied.